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Unravel the numbers with Dashboard Builder

Number crunching is an essential tool in today's workplace, whether it is analyzing employee data, or data from your website or marketing numbers. Technology has made it possible to gather immense amounts of data. You have a wide variety of analytics tools available on the market to make sense of these numbers, but none as simple and intuitive as Dashboard Builder.

If you've ever had a meeting where your customer or management has asked you to "Cut to the chase" you'll appreciate the value of Dashboard Builder. As the name suggests, the tool takes a wealth of numbers and makes sense of it before presenting a simple, visually appealing high-level dashboard of the data: what executives really want.

Only the essentials: Presented with Panache!

What kinds of data can Dashboard Builder work on? A better question would be what kinds of data can Dashboard Builder not work on? There's really nothing out there that Dashboard Builder cannot crunch into sense. Any data that can be put in MS Excel (which covers the entire gamut) can be input into Dashboard Builder for analysis and presentation.

Consider the possibilities for your organization:

  • Market surveys, reports, marketing campaign results
  • Sales forecasts, sales and revenue numbers
  • Company financials, budgets
  • Employee, vendor and customer information
  • Website behavior, visitor trending and analytics
  • E-commerce and E-business data
  • Performance data, whether it be of people, processes or tools
  • Production and quality data from your assembly line
  • Financial data for estimates and quotations
  • Engineering estimations and design data
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Inventory numbers, purchase and store numbers
  • Administration numbers of large organizations like schools, hospitals and airports

...the possibilities are endless! Just feed any data of varying structure, size and complexity into Excel (or use data from Excel spreadsheets) into Dashboard Builder and watch the graphs, tables and charts being built. You can customize the dashboard to your exact specifications: decide which data to display, what form to display it in and so on.

The Feature List

Dashboard Builder comes with a targeted set of capabilities:

  1. Any OS, any browser: Dashboard Builder is a web-based tool, so you can work from virtually any machine, anywhere at all.
  2. Integration with MS Excel formats: Feed in data from MS Excel spreadsheets for dashboard creation.
  3. Input data diversity: There is absolutely no restriction on the size, structure or complexity of input data.
  4. Rich visual output: Data on the dashboard can be presented in the form of charts, tables or graphs. The output is displayed on the web page, and can be easily exported to MS Excel or CSV.
  5. Customization capability: Upon request, Flatworld Labs can customize the look and feel of the dashboard using the customization features based on users' requirements.

Is Dashboard Builder right for you?

If you're looking to simplify your presentations to management; if you want to make sense of the sea of numbers your employees, vendors and customers throw at you; if you want only the relevant numbers at your fingertips at all times, then Dashboard Builder is the right tool for you.

Contact us today to learn how to acquire your copy of Dashboard Builder - start the journey towards uncomplication!

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