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FTP Match: Panacea for File Transfer Tedium

Ask any webmaster, graphics designer or IT professional how much time they spend on file transfers in a workweek, and you`ll be surprised by their reply. It is probably the dirty secret of the information age: file transfers are still cumbersome and tedious, and if you`re in a role that requires moving large numbers of files around the internet, you`ve probably been wishing someone would just improve things.

Well, someone did: Flatworld Labs did.

File transfers at the push of a button: Really!

Having experienced the pain ourselves, we innovated in-house and created FTP Match: a simple, easy-to-use FTP upload program that lets you upload your files - whether it is one or two or a hundred - to the destination server in a jiffy. You don`t even have to locate the files in your directory structure: FTP Match finds the files for you. Just give it a list and watch it go. It`s as simple as that.

FTP Match Feature List

When we set out to design FTP Match, we set the team a firm goal: no bells and whistles and mile-long list of features. Just file transfer that is simple, seamless and efficient: file transfer that just works. And our experienced team delivered precisely that:

  1. Simple inputs: Just type in a list of the files (with paths) you want to transfer into a document or email. Copy and paste the list into FTP Match`s console. Click "Upload". And you`re done. The options under the "Settings" menu allow users to set the details of the server, username and password. FTP Match may be easily configured to work across firewalls as well.
  2. Automated file search: Based on the file names you`ve input, FTP Match will search for the files to upload in your system and present the list to you. So no more hunting manually among your folders for the files, and scratching your head as you try to determine which one to upload.
  3. Remote folder creation: Folders are automatically created on the remote system if necessary.
  4. History of uploads: The user can view and save a log of all the files uploaded. The data can be saved in MS Excel format.
  5. No limit on number of files: FTP Match does not restrict the number of files you can upload to the remote server at one go.
  6. Automation resumption: If your internet connection times out, breaks or fluctuates, FTP Match will resume the upload from where it left off.
  7. Comment Feature: You can add a small comment to every file that you upload, allowing you to log a history for each file. This feature is particularly useful when you want to upload different versions of a file to the web server.
  8. Uploads to multiple servers: If you wish to upload local files to multiple servers - say, development, staging and live servers in the DMZ - FTP Match takes care of it for you.
  9. Lightweight and robust: Any Java-compliant system can run FTP Match. It is a lightweight program that runs in the background that creates negligible load on the system.

Is FTP Match Right For You?

If you have spent any significant time clicking away as you upload file after file to remote servers, you`ll find FTP Match to be a refreshing change. You will appreciate the time saved - time that you can spend in value-add functions, not file transfer! - and the ease of use of the program. You will welcome the depth of thought that went into the design, and the anticipation of scenarios.

Check if you`ve met your file transfer match: click here to talk to Flatworld Labs representatives about getting a copy of FTP Match today.

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