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Fulcrum Invoices: Keep Track Of Invoices, Get Paid On Time, Succeed!

Are you able to keep accurate track of your company's collections every month? Do you know what is exactly due to you from your customers? Is your Collection Manager able to function efficiently and ensure your invoices are paid on time?

In a dynamic workplace where time is money, the importance of accurate invoicing cannot be overstated: after all, it is the incoming revenues that drive the organization. An efficient and reliable invoicing system which meets the needs of your organization is imperative. Yet, this is precisely what is missing from many offices, resulting in missed invoices, overdue payments or worse, lost payments!

At Flatworld Labs, we understand your pain. We understand how critical it is to keep track of invoicing. We also recognize that you want a simple, easy-to-use system to do it: not something fancy whose bells and whistles drain your Collection Manager's time and frustrate your IT support staff. So we developed Fulcrum Invoices.

The Complete Invoice Management System

Fulcrum Invoices is a complete, yet simple and easy-to-use invoice management system that tracks invoices throughout the project lifecycle; from the time an enquiry triggers project initiation till the work order is completed and the project is closed. With role-based views of data and an alerts system, Fulcrum Invoices is equipped to handle all the diverse needs of not just the person tracking the invoices, but also those of management. What's more, Fulcrum Invoices may be fully integrated with Fulcrum SFA to provide and end-to-end system that tracks the critical numbers from beginning to end.

Why Fulcrum Invoices?

Fulcrum Invoices offers a complete set of features that makes invoice management a seamless function:

  • Collection data at Management's Fingertips - Besides the primary role of the Collection Manager to keep track of invoices, Fulcrum offers other roles such as Management, Sales Manager and Project Owner. These roles may be utilized to view reports on accounts receivable and overall collections - a useful aid for management seeking to strengthen their tactical and strategic goals.
  • Know When Invoices are Due and Overdue - A rule-based alerts system makes it easy for people in the decision chain to know when invoices are to be generated or sent. The system may also be set up to generate alerts upon payments made against invoices as well as when invoices fall overdue. All alerts are sent out as emails.
  • Scalable to varying billing cycles and transaction types - Fulcrum Invoices has been designed to accommodate different billing cycles, whether weekly, fortnightly, monthly or against milestones. Similarly, Fulcrum Invoices can work with diverse billing transaction types, such as per transaction, per FTE and so on.
  • Automatic Invoice Number Generation - Fulcrum Invoices centralizes invoice generation. The invoice number which is used to index and track all invoices is automatically generated by the system. This eliminates all errors that creep in when invoice numbers are entered manually. It also ensures consistency and uniqueness of the invoice numbers.
  • Tracking of excess and deficits in accounts - Fulcrum Invoices is equipped to create credit notes in case of excess payments. It can also track promise-to-pay notes (IOUs) from customers.
  • Complete integration with Fulcrum SFA - As mentioned earlier, Fulcrum Invoices plugs in seamlessly with Flatworld Labs' popular Fulcrum SFA system. Together, the two packages can aid companies to completely track customer interactions and monies from the initial enquiry through project closure.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - The easy-to-use web interfaces to the Fulcrum Invoices system ensures that all that your accounts personnel need is a workstation with secure access to the system to get going with it.
  • Completely customizable - Over and beyond the features listed above, Flatworld Labs commitment to customize Fulcrum Invoices to the exact requirements of our customers is the unique feature offered by this package.

Who is Fulcrum Invoices right for?

Any organization that uses email to send invoices, and is researching a software system that can automatically generate invoices is a good candidate for Fulcrum Invoices. Organizations on the fast track to growth that have outgrown manual ledgers and Excel spreadsheets will find Fulcrum Invoices to be a complete and scalable replacement. If your organization is finding it difficult to track payments, or is grappling with invoices that fall consistently overdue, Fulcrum Invoices can be the solution you are looking for.

Contact Us today to learn how Fulcrum Invoices can help you get paid on time: Keep accurate track of your Accounts Receivables!

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