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Fulcrum SFA: The Sales Force Automation tool that monitors your online sales pipeline, and makes it work!

The Internet Superhighway runs at the speed of the autobahn: everyone puts up shop, and slaps on a contact form in a trice. In this melee, you have ensured that the best design and content goes into your site, and have made your product really stand out.

But when that sought-after customer does fill up the "Contact Us" form, who in your organization is listening? Do you have a work flow in place to ensure no inquiry ever falls by the wayside? Is your sales force able to effectively follow up and convert on the leads that come in from your website?

If you are in any doubt about your answers to these questions, consider Fulcrum.

An easy-to-use, fully featured sales workflow system

Fulcrum SFA is a fully featured Sales Force Automation system that plugs seamlessly into the Contact form on your website, and provides a full range of user and workflow management features - all via its easy to use web interface - that will make your Inquiry Follow-up process a snap.

Why Fulcrum?

In a marketplace replete with various tools and services that tout sales force management, why should you consider Fulcrum? It's simple - Fulcrum is the only SFA tool that offers end-to-end capabilities. Add our Continuous Improvement program - where we incorporate suggestions from our own sales managers, in each release - to this, and you have a complete SFA package that is field-designed and tested.

The Features That Matter

  • Seamless integration with your website: Fulcrum SFA is designed to integrate with the contact form(s) on your website. All enquiries from these forms will flow into Fulcrum system automatically. Pertinent data regarding the enquirer will be stored in a fully indexed, searchable format.
  • Scalable user management system: The deep features of Fulcrum's User management system are one of the highlights of the tool. Users can be assigned various roles based on their function within the sales team. Role-based views of the data are offered, based on the user's access and authorization levels. Managers can check status of various tasks assigned to users and monitor their performance as well.
    The system also allows for efficient management of "Partner" roles - people external to the sales team who support the team during all or part of the sales funnel. Communication with partners may also be recorded.
  • Inquiry workflow system: A robust workflow system routes web-based inquiries through the designated action and approval points. Inquiries are stored, qualified, assigned and processed seamlessly, all the while being monitored by Managers via the Fulcrum system.
  • Workflow Recording Mechanism: A useful recording mechanism allows the sales force to route their MS Outlook-based communication with customers via Fulcrum. Thus, all communications in and out of the team to customers are logged for future reference and compliance.
  • Reports and Analytics: A robust reporting module allows for reporting on various facets of the workflow, including data on open and closed enquiries, sales force performance, conversion ratios and so on. Reports may be customized to desired time ranges, allowing you to perform comparisons, trending and analyses.

Is Fulcrum right for you?

If you have a sales force operating in its own silo independent of online enquiries, or want to channel online contact to the appropriate team; or if you want to improve the performance of your sales team, then Fulcrum SFA is right for your organization.

Talk to us today to derive the best benefits out of your website: Never lose an enquiry again!

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