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Introducing iBridge: A Complete Job Exchange System at your fingertip

Clients with our sister organization Flatworld Solutions (FWS) expressed a need for a workflow system to manage their many jobs with that organization. Flatworldlabs got on the job, and delivered iBridge: a robust, scalable workflow system that lets clients, delivery center personnel, supervisors and administrators work seamlessly on a well-defined online system.

Now, we have packaged that complete system as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for you, our discerning customer. Simply put, iBridge is a web-based transaction platform that lets you work efficiently with personnel in any of your vendor's delivery centers anywhere in the world to create, monitor and manage jobs assigned to them from inception to completion.

Industry-standard Features without the pain

A "transaction exchange" can be an overwhelming term, with huge installation, maintenance and upgrade issues. iBridge throws all those troubles out of the window: All you (and your vendor) need to do is buy an iBridge license, install Microsoft Silverlight and you're ready to get going - the system is completely web-based, so all stakeholders can log in to the system right away. As you enter the jobs you've allocated to your vendor, they can simultaneously log in to access all the job details and start work.

Here is a listing of some of the main features of iBridge:

Complete Job Management: Once you log in to the iBridge client system, you can create a job, upload it, edit it, view the job as it passes through different stages of the workflow, edit and update jobs and accept jobs that you find have been completed to your satisfaction

Feedback Loop: The vendor's delivery center personnel may ask questions or request clarifications on a job you have assigned to them. The job status then changes to "Awaiting Clarification" - you (and your supervisor) will be notified of such jobs via email, and you can log into iBridge to respond to all the requests for clarification

Associate files with jobs: Instructions to a job may be input into instruction files that can be uploaded to iBridge along with the job. This allows you to provide detailed step-by-step instructions, along with any pictures or drawings; so that delivery center personnel are fully informed about the task they are assigned

Download job files: Once the job is done (or even while it is in progress), the vendor will upload all the job files to iBridge. You can download these files to view progress on the task assigned

Iterative workflow: iBridge allows for iterative work on jobs - once a job comes to you for feedback, you (or your supervisor) may choose to request changes on the work done, or reject the job. In both cases, the job is sent back to the delivery center as a new job, and follows the workflow stipulated for all new jobs.

As is evident, iBridge is a complete workflow system for job management and supervision. It has corresponding Administrator and Delivery Center modules that allow Delivery Center personnel and administrators to work with the system.

Besides the SaaS model, iBridge is available as a complete hybrid solution for customers who would prefer to host the hardware themselves. Customization of look and feel to suit your company's branding is also possible.

Is iBridge Right For You?

If you are a FWS customer who works regularly with delivery center personnel on a multitude of jobs, iBridge is the recommended platform for job and task management. It allows you to actively create, monitor and approve jobs, and to provide feedback in a secure, "any-place any-time" usable system.

Contact us today to learn how to get on iBridge.

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