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When you want more than a mere "Social Network", Immencity helps you build a complete community online

If you've used any of the popular social networking platforms, you'll have noticed that there are rules to follow: others' rules. You cannot decide on your branding, membership or frankly, much of anything else. This will just not do when you want to host your own virtual community.

Business for Community Connections recognized the need for such a complete framework that will let you host, communicate and collaborate with others on the net on your terms. We designed Immencity for new revolutionaries who want to move online communication from the era of information sharing to the era of content ownership. Immencity is a social networking platform and more - it is a platform that can be completely owned, hosted and operated by organizations or associations. You own the virtual community, you set the rules, and you control the message, branding, memberships, permissions and more.

Come, leverage your connections today

The feature list for this innovative community platform includes:

  • Control who joins the network: Automatic membership, approved membership or paid registration online are all possible.
  • Virtual Communication +: Chat, messaging and searching for members are all available for members to connect with others.
  • Community Tools: Tools such as forming and joining communities, inviting others to join based on common interests and communication with others on forums are readily available so that virtual community building is made easy.
  • Goal and Progress Tracking: Groups working towards a common cause will appreciate the goal and progress tracking features that allows members to set vision, mission and goals for their group. Goals may also be assigned to particular members, and progress on milestones tracked.
  • Broadcasts and Updates: Community owners can broadcast info and updates to members of the community, and receive responses from members. Broadcasts and updates of information to all members allows the community to instantly know when anything noteworthy occurs. Members may also respond to such communications.
  • Control over the brand: Immencity allows you to control how your brand is projected, and to according mould your messaging.
  • Robust Engine: You have 100% control over the data, traffic and rules of the network. The scalable and extensible framework can be easily upgraded to include new features, something that anyone who has used other social networks will surely appreciate.

Immencity Models

Immencity is available in two models:

  • As a complete software system it may be hosted and maintained on your own servers, and allows you complete control over all the hardware, software, data and activity of the community.
  • In the SaaS model, BCC will host your platform on our servers and provide complete hosting and IT support. This model allows you to use the platform as a service, and not worry about the overheads of operation and maintenance.

With Immencity, A New Vista Opens Up

If you're tired of building incomplete and inadequate communities on others' sites that just don't get the job done, consider what Immencity offers:

  • Connection with people or groups with common interests. On such a platform, it is easy to rally people around a shared vision and goals that may be tracked.
  • Secure Communication securely with members - a safe haven online where members may share tips and advice, have discussions and post updates without worrying if the world is watching.
  • Control over who gets in, what roles people have, and what information members may access.

Is Immencity right for you?

Immencity is the ideal platform for any group, association or company that wants a private, yet accessible home on the internet. Immencity may be of particular interest to:

  • Hosts of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) events
  • Residents and Home Owners Associations, Medical and Dental Groups and other citizen bodies
  • Academic institutions that want connect online with students, parents and alumni
  • Healthcare organizations, diagnostic and testing centers, NGOs and others who want to securely communicate with patients and program participants
  • Celebrities, sports and media stars, corporate entities, politicians and others who want to provide their followers a secure forum for communication and dialog

As this list shows, this is just the beginning - the framework is ready, it is to be seen where the users take.

Try Immencity today - Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with others securely.

For more details and information on how to get started with Immencity, contact us today.

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