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Find out who actually visited you website, and where they went, with LeadCarat

A crucial fact missed by most web-traffic analytics engines is the visitors who didn't convert. Research shows that a staggering 98% of visitors to websites are never tracked or contacted - it bears re-iteration that these are people who actually visited your website, traversed the pages, but did not fill out your enquiry form. This is akin to people who visited your stall at the World Expo, and did not bother dropping their business cards in the goldfish bowl.

Would you let 98% of visitors to your stall walk away?

Follow up with potential customers who actually visited and traversed your site.

Find out who these visitors are, which companies they represent, how long they spent your site, what pages they viewed and more - even if they did not fill out the Contact form!

Increase your lead conversion rate by up to 300%!

Get LeadCarat today to have these statistics at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

Anytime, anywhere data on ALL your website visitors

LeadCarat offers a comprehensive set of features that help you effortlessly analyze your web traffic and follow up on potential leads. LeadCarat's features include:

  • Easy to setup, easy to use: LeadCarat is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool: this means that organizations need not worry about any hardware or software installation, maintenance, upgrades or bugs. All you do is insert a small line of JavaScript code into every page of your website and you're good to go! LeadCarat will now monitor your site 24X7. Flatworld's engineers will ensure that all visitor data pertaining to your site are maintained securely, and are available to you 24X7.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: The engine is accessible via an easy to use web interface that makes it a snap to get data anytime, anywhere. LeadCarat is a SaaS service, which means there is no downtime, ever!
  • Industry-leading tracker tools: LeadCarat's IP tracking tool and cookie tracking tool work in conjunction to mine and present data about every company that visited your website. This is possible because every company with a registered IP has a static IP address that our industry-standard tools can decipher and map to the company name.
    LeadCarat combines the visitor's company name with other data such as their region (down to the city), pages visited, time spent on each page and keywords used for search. The combination of this data offers you a highly accurate profile of your visitor and their interests - allowing your sales team to make a targeted pitch that has a higher chance of success!
  • Advanced Reports and Analytics: If you have used analytics engines, you will know first-hand about the tedious and time-consuming sessions involved in setting criteria and ferreting pages of undecipherable data. It couldn't be more dissimilar with LeadCarat: our Advanced ReportBuilder tool allows you to quickly drill down to exactly the data you want, and analyze it the way you specify.
    Users can set their own criteria for ad-hoc generation of custom reports, or view and use reports from pre-determined criteria. Users can also specify frequency of reports, and specify that the reports be delivered to their email inboxes - ensuring crucial visitor data is available in real-time if required.

Why LeadCarat?

Consider this: you may have hundreds or hundreds of thousands of hits on your website. But you are only interested in following up with those visitors from mid-size companies who are within a 500-mile radius of your physical location. Makes finding a needle in that proverbial haystack easy, doesn't it?

Make real use of your visitor data with LeadCarat

Not with LeadCarat! As our feature list above listed, with LeadCarat, you can mine the visitor data of your site most effectively, to find out not just who visited, but what they were looking at. The combination of this data allows you to profile your visitors and their interests and then have your sales team follow up with just those visitors you are interested in.

So if all you're interested in are those mid-sized companies within 500-miles who spent more than a half hour on your site, LeadCarat will present you a list of visitors from those companies, when they visited, which pages they visited and which pages they spent the longest time on.

Or, as any Sales Manager who knows his job would say, gold!

Click here to learn more about how to mine that gold, today.

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